The Premature Burial

by No More Waiting

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released September 21, 2016


all rights reserved



No More Waiting Clermont Ferrand, France


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Track Name: Inhibere Cruorem
Our surroundings
Our wealth
So fearful of loosing

Our legacy is a complete disregard for the planet and the species we share it with

Burn them all
Burn them all

Our surroundings
Our wealth
So fearful of loosing

We are in a world of darkness

We are not worthy
We are not worthy
Track Name: The Remains Of The Day
Need to confine me to reasone myself
Story repeats itself the curse watches me
Smile now cry later
Harder but less murderous

Spent my life suffering, walking around through corridors
doubt pulls me and darkness helps me
chronicle of a dystopia under a dove's ashes
looking at the hourglass and the time that goes away
a symphony of shouts and feathers sounds
years run away and confessions are forgotten

Awareness decreases in front of lustful eyes
psychology that defies the desire to kill

Insipid ideas in a greedy world
Man of defeat
The sound of the unknown used up by the bloody words
I cross out a white page
Track Name: Bury Me
How useful life is with no inspiration
Living into hell
I have no fear anymore
In the cracks under my skin
My bones have turned into dust
Empty, and cold, falling into pieces

The weight of my guilt crushes my mind
Bury me with my mistakes

Tragedy calls me
Disaster escorts me,
Death marries me
So that i'm better than I can be

I have reasons for leaving this empty world
Dear world it's not right
That the knot is tight , only for me
Only remember these few lines
New page, new day
I'm better than I can be
Track Name: Civilization Fall Down
The decaying of the men gets worse every day
The world is sick
The values that create our civilisation fall down one after another
Civilisation fall down

I'am this sound in their heads
this little clicking
even if you fled
keep hearing it

Nothing left matters
Pulling down out of humanity

The virtue is nesting in the ruins of a dead earth
they speak a lot waiting for hell to come
eternal loneliness will glide above their heads

Civilisation fall down
Track Name: Defeat
A man doesn't need to think about the future , he creates it

Why talking about death When life means so much
Long life to madness
Only shadows on a wall
My life is for sale

Getting born , Grow , Obey, Die
Look , Think, Act, Die

Darkness has become a light for these endless nights
(This is the new sun who's coming / This is the new sun)
I ran away counting the days left until my fall
A blackened Soul, forever forbidden to rest
Are we the worst plague ? The New sun is coming

Getting born , Grow , Obey, Die
Look , Think, Act, Die

The New sun is coming
Track Name: Black Bile
Until now I put in an appearance being a perfect actor on the world’s scene
Like a shadow in a cave
Your ears are more open to pretty words
But I’m not a believer of sweet poison
If I’m my own justice, well ok I lose my case

It wont Be Quiet
For now it gonna scream until the end

Age will brings everything and this is not a good time

She scares young souls
Some of them call her loneliness

Morne and worried
State of anxiety’s fermentation
Dark and fierce
Serenity’s protection

If I’m my own justice, well ok I lose my case
Track Name: Become Human
We bring desolation
Betraying one's own flesh
Crashing on humans' cranes
Contained in our vanity
Return to primary needs
To discover the sense of life again

Become human
Will this all go on without us ?

Watch the men fall
Taking our dreams
Small problems

Let us rest in this cemetery (Earth)
Is this just the natural product of evolution?

Become human
Will this all go on without us ?
Track Name: The Man Of The Crowd
I’m nervous but not insane, just lonely
between terror , fear and people
thinking about to escape from it
that row who’s coming, like a warning

Violence becomes obvious
The picture gets bleaker / A shadow in darkness 

Violence becomes obvious
A shadow in darkness 
Thick and tidy
To become a different man,
Learning things about me

Myself / Shuddering / Upon / The edge / Of the abyss

Myself shuddering upon the edge of the abyss
Suddenly not a sound
Just thoughts getting out of my veins
Of my veins

"Today I wear these chains, and am here! Tomorrow I shall be fetterless!

But where?"
Track Name: Destroying
Getting born, wandering in a dead house
Drowned by floods of fear
I hear darkness calling
Crawling into the dust of my floor

Comforting me in nothingness
A corpse rotting, filled with disgust
Upon the shores of time
We're born and will die alone

Destroying all that you've seen

Giving sorrow as a legacy
Dreams built from the nightmares ashes
This wage of fear from the craddle to the grave
Profit hidden behind our shivers

Destroying all that you've seen
Destroying all that you thought of
Track Name: Disagreement
Sometimes I feel so far from all this
I see nothing, I see no more ; it’s over
Just a man, breaking up every relationship

Sometimes I feel too close to all this
I’m afraid of being overwhelmed
Being only pain and anger.
Only desiring an extinction.

Need to confine me, to stop express myself
The taste of nausea
Witness of the decline. I’m done with this world
A man denying himself, denying his own

Until this day when we'll have to take decisions with it
Meanwhile I let them this burden
I let them suffer from the scars of this world

No more time for tears, for regrets
No more time for screaming, for nothing
Track Name: A Midnight Dreary
In a midnight dreary ,you don't hear me
Everybody ignores my existence
I'm writing, locked in a cave
Overwhelmed by a rage which beats off on a page

In a midnight dreary
you don't hear me
Shivery, Jittery
Feeling the misery
My pen full of sweat
Blood curdling, unnerving
Now that is disturbing

Poor me...

In a midnight dreary ,you don't hear me,
I've been living for real through these lines
My shadow lies floating on the floor
Shall be lifted Nevermore


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