Superman Is Dead

by No More Waiting

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released April 1, 2012



all rights reserved


No More Waiting Clermont Ferrand, France

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Track Name: Not Alone
Her name is Deborah
She’s only sixteen years old
Everyday her mother
Lies down on the sofa

I just wish she knew, She shouldn’t be alone

Front there is Laura
Both have the same age
Everyday she spends her time with her mother

In her life no storm, she’s not alone

Every time bad memories flood back
A father away, a life that goes nowhere
Deathly thunderbolt, for her all is her fault
Now she’s alone

Everyday Laura’s father drives her
N’ get a kiss from her mother
Her only problem; her grades
Get a life without fails

In her tears she is drowning slow
She has had enough, please make it go
( She’s not , she’s not alone)
Crying with laughter or
Cry until suicide

I just wish she knew she shouldn’t be alone
Not alone, not alone, to brave this storm
Track Name: Rock Bottom
Sat on the pub
Misfortune in my life
Taking lots of drugs
Drinking beer, it’s very nice
To drown my sadness
In my alcohol
It’s always the time

Whiskey or die, in bad times
Born to dry lof ot pints
Listening to the bagpipes
While the hard times
Looking at lots of boobs
And fucking fight

To hit rock bottom
Life broken by a storm
My wasted life
Shipping up to my glass

My dead body is
Lying down on the counter
Remembering all the bitches
Ordering another beers
Trying to hide my fear
Track Name: Jack Is Waiting
Jack sits on the pavement, looks the world which is ignore
Taking the brunt, of the society on him
Flood by the lies, and the people‘s hypocrisy
Misunderstood, and alone in this city
Spectator of this assisted population
Learning how to be exploited
Dyslexic hypnotized by the TV
Following the movement like a zombie

He sees the veil of hate, racism
Feed by this fascism regime
He turns to look at a poor on a stream
Imploring for a new dream

Jack is observing, jack is waiting
He is wondering if it’s going to change
He doesn’t believe anymore
Sick of this reality, Sick of this story …

Jack is losing in our discontent
But he prefers to think at nice moments.
For him, only the brotherhood stays true
As the culture, friendship too
At finally He comforts himself
Nevertheless he stays oneself
Carry on to soul-searching
Jack is waiting
Track Name: Chance
We’re young, we’re strong, we don’t belong to you
Look this flag of hatred. Is it you who made it?
(Nothing to prove)
How are you holding up? How does it feel?
Look the beauty of your lies, passing through our ears
You’ve already dug our grave, it won’t stop us!
We will fight or fall, until angels save us all
(Nothing to prove)
We’re not scared of you; I know that you influence our kids
And when the wind blew, what did you do?

POW!! Take that in your face,
(The tide is turning now)
How are you felling now?
(They want us, to think this )
Our pride is so deep

You feel useful thanks to all the money that you’ve earned
Synonymous of all workers that you burnt
Still two classes, one cradle with a golden family
One cradle fell, with his daddy staying in a jail
Economic crisis, unemployment, promotion
Submission for the exploitation, exploitation for the consumption
(Good work, keep it up)
The rebels yells, ring the bells, the bombshell
Break away,
(Good work, keep it up)
We’ll go to hell
Track Name: Poison Words
Acting in the impunity of the other
Engendering no physical wounds
It’s the only things that you found
Become two intimate strangers
For you it’s an art, a passion
That you enjoy as nice bourbon
Without fear, mercy less
Injecting in me, in all honesty

This empty mirror doesn’t worry you anymore
On you there are no effects
You’ve concocted especially for me
But you knew what to expect
Guilt feeling you don’t know about it
This selfish need
Which is in yourself, you love it

Suffering, accepting
Carry on without a break
I learnt this lesson
Spitting my rage in this song
Track Name: Superman Is Dead
Hi everybody, listen to me
It’s life not a beautiful lullaby
I wanna make you react, have courage
Try to understand this message
I dont want to convert you
Fight for you idea, family n fucking crew
Keep the control of you life, n’ your liberty
Maybe you will argue with me
Right now, just listen

The big day has arrived, I’m going to announce it
It’s a bit like santa claus, or mickey mouse
Why are you crying , why are you screaming
I’m feeding your lies , but do you see him fly
Look your society that looks like beauty
But she is really rotten, people are panic stricken
They have deceived you, I do it for you , and fuck you too

Superman is dead, it is not a novel
The race of the world in its own destruction

The world gave you false hopes
You always knew, in your inner thought
Time is meaningless fight against inequalities
Don’t close your eyes, look at reality
The world seems handsome, but you were hypnotised
But now open your mind, and you can realize

Now you understand, or you want to stay in your lies
You want to make a stand, or wanna try to fly
You are aware, that you used to be betrayed
Regardless of danger, you can use your power
Track Name: Together For Life
I still think of you, yeah my friend
I didn’t forget you, its not the end
Twelve years ago, we met each other
Now you are under the rules of anchor
There is far away, in our past
Friendship, united we used to be eight
But the life is so amazing, so fast
It show us, the fucking mistakes

To admire, copy imitate
But always to protect
We have overcome so many things
Treason, lying, we have destroyed these ruins
Now we are blood brothers
We are united like two press stud

They were my family
Just two or three are still in my life
I stay alone, in this city
Because of these fucking strives

Together for life
This friendship unites us
Together for life,
We’ll make it last forever
Together for life
Track Name: No More Waiting
Looking for the future, forget about the past
What is our pleasure? Make music at last
Finally, we are together
We are freedom fighter
Turn the page
We have the rage

Turn the page
We have the rage

Roll on the drum, slap on the bass too
Pick on six strings, howling for you
Gathered by the same passion
To act with the same action
Formed by the same desire
We are creating our new empire
We are a new army
Our fate belongs to us!

Looking for the future, forget about the past
What is our pleasure? Make music at last
Finally, we are together
We are freedom fighter
Turn the page
We have the rage

Friendship, fun'n'beers
Symbolize us
That lock us in the cellar
Any shame, any lie
In few words: NO MORE WAITING